Roadside Restoration Offsets Construction Impact at Dakota Creek

mackay landscape services seismic retrofit i5 at blaine dakota creek restoration construction impact mitigationSeismic retrofits were recently installed on Peace Portal Drive Bridge at Blaine, in Northwest Washington. This segment of Dakota Creek is one our vital estuaries that contribute to Puget Sound’s unique ecosystem. Stream bank restoration done to repair the footprint of the roadside and neighboring stream banks was required to mitigate construction impacts from the project.

Damage done by heavy equipment in the footprint of construction can be repaired with proper landscape restoration. In this case, the adjoining hillside sloping down to the banks of the estuary at Dakota Creek makes proper landscape restoration all that more critical, i.e. erosion control along with sound planting practices to reinforce the area.

Beginning at the Creek’s average high water mark, we chose plants that would re-establish and augment the natural biology of the area. Over 700 native sedges and rushes were installed at low tide to stabilize the stream bank, prevent erosion and provide habitat for a variety of local species.

dakota creek blaine road restoration I5 seismic retrofit rushes sedges planting trees erosion mackay landscape services

In an area like this, the soil and planting conditions change as the elevation of the stream bank rises up in grade. At the next level of plantings, the MacKay crew installed native shrubs and trees to stabilize the area leading up to the road. Plants chosen for roadside restoration included twinberry, nootka rose, salmonberry, snowberry, western red cedar, hemlock and big leaf maples.

MacKay Landscape Services completed this sizeable job in one day, and received a seamless project approval from Whatcom County with 0 errors or corrections. MacKay Landscape will also, as with all roadside restoration projects in Washington State, maintain this piece of property for one year. We will continue to ensure plant health and perform general weed control, with particular attention to the WA State noxious weed list.

Dakota Creek and the community of Blaine are located in a beautiful area. Seeing the condition the Creek’s banks were in before, then after our work, and how the site has grown out since has been rewarding for us, for local Blaine residents, and for the native wildlife who depend on this area for their survival.

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