Bellingham Part 2: Landscape Improvements Elevate Curb Appeal at Condo Complex

If you missed Part 1 of our Bellingham project, you can read it here. To summarize, a Bellingham condo complex suffered water damage due to poor exterior waterproofing materials and lack of drainage infrastructure. The condo owner hired MacKay Landscape Services to design and install drainage improvements and renovate the property’s landscaping, while the complex was fully-occupied with tenants.

before drainage improvement bellingham condo yard mud solution mackay landscape services
< A muddy lawn with poor drainage made building accessibility a challenge. Splash pads were installed against the building, to channel runoff and keep the facade cleaner. The white markings outline placement of future planting beds.drainage trench installation bellingham condo complex improvement mackay landscape services


> Wider view from photo at left, soil excavated to create trenches for new drainage pipe and outflow system.


perforated pipe drainage trench condo improvement mackay landscape services


< Additional trenching along side of condo complex prepped to lay new drainage pipes.

border splash pad control runoff bellingham condo drainage improvement mackay landscape services


> Installation of border splash pads, filled with crushed rock to control and channel water runoff from building and minimize splashing.



flagstone repairs gazebo drainage improvement mackay landscape services bellingham condo


< New flagstone pavers installed leading up to entry gazebo. After drainage pipes are set in surrounding trenches, a newly seeded lawn will be installed throughout.gazebo after flagstone improvement drainage sod condo bellingham mackay landscape services


> After picture of gazebo and pavers flanked by new grass, with condos in background.



drainage problem mud bellingham condo before mackay landscape services improvement

perimeter grass splash pad new plants bellingham condo improvements after mackay landscape services


<Before & after photos: splash pads and new landscaping with lawn coming in nicely.condo drainage improvement bellingham yard mud solution splash pad border beds mackay landscape services





Our work greatly improved the functionality and aesthetics of this Bellingham condo complex, and the owner was extremely satisfied with our work. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the results.

border splash pad control runoff bellingham condo drainage improvement mackay landscape services

bellingham condo complex entrance border splash pad new lawn drainage improvement mackay landscape services







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