Wetland Enhancement Improves Ecological Health for City of Buckley

sWe were recently hired by the City of Buckley to do an enhancement on an existing wetland. This particular wetland area, established several years ago, buts up against a rural highway and is the seasonal home of a native elk herd.

buckley wetland buffer enhancement native invasive species natural ecological landscape


The objective of our augmentation was to improve the ecological health and functioning of the wetland. The range of the project included removing invasive species; adding 450 native plants and shrubs; dividing reeds, rushes and sedges for better distribution; and planting 20 new conifers for shade, root establishment and animal habitat.

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wetland trunk snag pond landscape enhancement native species



Another view of Buckley wetland/pond area.





planting sedges wetland enhancement native species deter invasive plants buckley
Invasive canary grass was a problem in the wetland area. After the City trimmed it down, we planted 100 native shrubs to establish a root base and choke out the canary grass.





wetland plantings native shrubs animal friendly wood chips enhancement buckley


We then brought in 65 cubic yards of animal-friendly wood chips and layered it 6 inches deep on top of the canary grass and around the new plantings. This addition will discourage and impede future growth of the canary grass.




wetland rushes sedges reeds native plants enhancement pond buckley


On the pond shoreline, we divided, distributed and added sedges and rushes in plant species groupings.

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wetland reeds native plants deter invasive species pond buckely trees


Opposite side of the pond that buts up to wetland buffer. Native species were used to enhance and help balance the wetland ecosystem.





wetland plants edge of pond buckley enhancement trees snags animal habitat


Another example of plantings along the edge of the wetland pond.

Our augmentation will improve the ecological health and functioning of the Buckley wetland, by hindering invasive species encroachment and encouraging the ongoing proliferation of native plants.




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