Redmond Rockery Replacement Gives Driveway a Facelift

A client from the Redmond/ Lake Sammamish area wanted to replace the aging and overgrown rockery alongside their driveway. Since the entire rockery would have to be removed, the homeowner asked us to also expand the width of their driveway leading up to the house. We discussed ideas and came up with a plan.replace old overgrown rockery ground cover landscape improvement driveway expansion



The original rockery, overgrown with groundcover and succulents. Notice the edge of the rockery area is in line with the right side of the garage doors.
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rockery replace expand widen driveway landscape improvement



We brought in a backhoe to remove the large boulders, plants and soil, so we could move the rockery border several feet to the right.




rockery install upgrade landscape improvement driveway expansion



New boulders being installed along new driveway border, in line with front door. This provides the homeowners a more direct line of sight going up to the house, or looking from the house out to the end of the driveway.



new rockery boulder crushed rock install upgrade replace



After the rockery was stacked and in place, we filled in the driveway expansion (now a soil footprint) with crushed rock, then graded it, creating an additional parking strip.




front view rockery upgrade replace landscape install



Side view of rockery and new parking area.





front entrance driveway rockery install upgrade replace landscape improvement



Approach to the house. The new boulders were chosen to match the aesthetics of the front steps and home entrance. The dark area (new parking strip) encompasses the footprint of where the original rockery stood.




orig new rockery view 1



Looking down the rockery from top of driveway to the neighborhood and view below.


This was a big project, but with clear planning and communication, we were able to complete the project in just one day. We were extremely pleased with how the new rockery turned out, and so was the client.


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