Front Yard Pond Feature: Built to Last & Designed to Grow

This new homeowner on Lake Sammamish faced the question of what to do with an undeveloped yard. After much deliberation, they decided on a pond with a flowing stream. With a few sketches and a blank canvas awaiting us, we set to work.
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dirt yard area new pond placement


First, we created an outline of the proposed stream and pond to confirm the shape, size, placement and configuration with the homeowner.




new pond pavers perimeter flagstone yard


Once approved, we excavated the footprint, installed flagstone and rocks to stabilize the perimeter, and filled it with water.




new pond head cascading water stairs yard


Larger rocks were strategically placed around the outside of the flagstone, both for aesthetics and to complement the (upcoming) native plant installation.



pond step 3


We built two levels of cascading steps along the stream for optimal water flow and ambience.




pond step with beds yard stream native plants


Next, we framed the pond with plantings of native trees and shrubs, and filled in the beds with organic topsoil.




yard pond step stream beds native plants


Plant selections and placement were made with an eye toward the future, envisioning how this area would look 10-15 years down the line.




aerial pond stream installation native plant beds

At the completion of this project, an aerial view shows the fully designed and installed pond and stream, established as a signature feature of the home.



13 years later, we continue to maintain this homeowner’s yard. The plantings have grown out nicely, just as we anticipated. In the background of the photo below, you can  see the large lower lawn and the now mature hedge we planted to buffer Lake Sammamish parkway. From their front porch looking out over the lake, these homeowners can now just sit back and enjoy the view. (click to enlarge photo)

pond plantings trees grown out lake sammamish redmond custom built pond lasting








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