City of Monroe, Powell Street Improvements

New topsoil in street curbs and home owner front lawns Monroe street improvement

The City of Monroe hired us to do street improvements along Powell Street, in the old(er) residential section of town. Along the sidewalks, we added topsoil on both the street curb side as well as the homeowners side, abutting their front lawns.





new sod city of monroe powell street improvements buffer


Over the new topsoil, we installed fresh sod along the route. This not only beautified the edge of the street, but created a nice physical buffer from the road traffic.





small trees added powell street city of monroe homeowner landscape improvements


Last but not least, we provided some custom aesthetic improvements at the edge of homeowner’s yards, such as this line of trees along the wall of a garage.

Our installations provided a nice upgrade to an older section of town, and the City of Monroe as well as the Powell Street residents were appreciative of our contributions.



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