Redmond Single Family Home – Yard Designed to Increase Street Appeal

hydroseed lawn new construction redmond street appeal quick saleThis new construction single family home in Redmond was scheduled to go on the market soon. The builder hired us to design and install the entire yard, to increase the property’s street appeal in preparation for a quick sale.

We brought in and graded 175 total yards of topsoil, then hydro-seeded the area to create a 15,000 square foot lawn.

new construction border beds native plants trees street appeal quick sale

Along the house entry, we planted border beds that include native many Northwest plants and a few trees, allowing space for growth over time.

entry border beds street appeal new construction landscaping native plants trees quick sale

After a couple of weeks, the border plantings have established themselves, the lawn has come in beautifully and is draining well. The yard looks ship shape with great street appeal, just in time for the house to hit the market.

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