Duvall Street Improvements Increase Safety, Manage Stormwater Runoff

Street widening and new sidewalks have made this stretch of Cherry Valley Road a much safer walk home for Duvall schoolkids. After the RRJ Company built and completed the new sidewalks, curb and gutter, it was our turn to beautify the space.

The flowering pear trees, grasses and ground covers we installed will look great all year and require very little care.

The West side of the hill required this drainage system (right). Along with the erosion control grasses we planted, the dams you see are called “check dams.” Designed to hold back silt like a common catch basin, they make for better filtration of stormwater run off. After just a few short months, the ditch is now completely green, aesthetically pleasing and ready to tackle fall rainwater runoff from the adjacent street.

The City of Duvall and the RRJ Company were great partners on this project.


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